Useful information

The  services we offer and the orderable products can be viewed in our show room marked in the Contact menu point. Some products can be purchased on the spot.

When ordering the manufactured products for the material and other costs of us pay 50% in advance, which can be done in cash or by bank-transfer payment. We issue an invoice of the sum. Your order can get ready in 3-10 days on the address marked in the Contact menu point. We send a notification of this in all cases. You can sign your install necessities on any of our availabilities at a favorable price (as long as the product wishes it).

Our services (tadelakt, design-wall creation, chalkboard-wall creation) if it’s ordered in the area of Budapest and the order is above 6 m2, it is free to going to your home! The customer pays the costs of the used-up materials. We can help purchase and delivery.